Flourishing 22nd years, The Kartar Education & Culture Society was established 21 years ago in Dehradun. A society that has made a distinctive and substantial contribution to the advancement of contemporary education.

We want to create well-rounded, in-demand graduates and postgraduates as a modern and connected learning destination. Our creative and timely programmes, involvement with business, industry, and communities, and dedication to learning, teaching, and research that educate students for our rapidly changing global environment have earned us recognition. Dehradun’s Kingston Imperial Institute wants to become a recognised, influential institution on a global scale. In order to mold future world leaders, we will provide a curriculum and access to a wide range of student experiences.

At Kingston Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences, we are passionate about improving the life chances of our students by assisting them in making the most of their educational opportunities and providing them with the future knowledge and skills required in the demanding workplace of the twenty-first century.

The goal of Kingston Imperial Institute, a non-profit college in Dehradun, is to offer students in a particular programme a practical education based entirely on academic excellence, hence enhancing their employability.


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