Best B.Pharma College in Uttarakhand, India

B Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4 years Undergraduate degree program that deals with the intricacies of the pharmaceutical industry, starting from manufacturing drugs and capsules to dispensing them through numerous clinical shops, vendors and stockists. The course is divided equally into 8 semesters. Bachelor of Pharmacy, as the name suggests, has a curriculum structure which is especially specialized for pharmaceutical studies. Few of the most critical topics protected in B Pharm course are

  • Biochemistry,
  • Human Anatomy and physiology,
  • Computer applications in Pharmacy and so on.

There are numerous exciting points that can be jotted down, as to why candidates must pursue B Pharmacy. Aside from the reality that B Pharmacy will assist candidates in making a profession as a medical consultant, medical Writing, medical Scripting, medical research and so forth.

Course Duration

4 Years



Fee Structure


There are different motives for pursuing this path.

Government Jobs: After successfully finishing your degree in B Pharmacy you may get the possibility to work for numerous government groups and hospitals.

Work with patients: Other than being a pharmacist you'll have essential roles within the health care sector along with providing asthma care, cholesterol control checking, diabetes disease control, bone density scans etc.

Numerous profession possibilities: The obvious choice for pharmacists is working in retail pharmacy, both in a healthcare facility or community. The function involves giving over-the-counter and prescription medications together with counselling to the patients.

Stable but flexible career: A bachelor's degree in pharmacy will now not only provide a stable employment for the duration of your profession but also will come up with the ability to pick and work according to your possibilities.

Who should pursue a Bachelor of Pharmacy?

College students who need to make a profession inside the Pharmaceutical industry should pursue B Pharmacy. Students who want to make a profession into medical research and clinical writing need to opt for B. Pharmacy. Students who want to be a part of the healthcare industry and work at various hospitals, nursing homes and so forth can pursue Bachelor of Pharmacy.


KIIMS is the most famous college providing Bachelor of Pharma in Uttarakhand is well known for its education. Our institute is reputed because of its teaching strategies, and supplying understanding that might be fruitful for the students in their future.

KIIMS group gives unique emphasis on field education in spite of specializing in theoretical aspects. University students regularly go on visits in pharmaceutical sectors with proper supervision of their professors to get the actual facts of what lies in advance of their career. Many renowned professors and researchers additionally come as guest teachers making the students aware of the present day-day problems pertaining within the pharmaceutical branch. As a result, making KIIMS, the top college for Bachelor of Pharmaceutical in Dehradun.

Scope of B.Pharma

Both private and public sectors offer job opportunities to undergraduates in pharmacy. 

The key sectors include technical and clinical pharmacies, health centres, food & drug administration, medical clinics, and the Government Drug Research Institute. The average salary ranges from INR 2.4 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum; depending upon skills, capabilities, job role, and company.

  • Research Officer/ Manager
  • Drug Technician
  • Drug Therapist
  • Pharmaceutical Scientist
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Drug Inspector
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Teacher/Professor

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Some of the major job profiles for B.Pharma candidates are:

  • Medical writer: The primary obligation of a medical writer is to work with doctors and maintain a file of all the medical results, product use and clinical records.
  • Clinical Researcher: A clinical researcher collects and analyses records that are received after an extended length of testing and studying.
  • Drug Inspector: A Drug Inspector majorly oversees the best of a drug and is likewise accountable for issuing licenses to different pharmacists.
  • Medical representative: They are accountable for promoting various medicines for the enterprise they’re working for. Their activity is target orientated.
  • Pharmacy business: Primary job function could be to distribute and dispense medicines in both retail or whole, locally or throughout India after going via all of the moral and legal guidelines through the monitoring bodies, at the same time ensuring that secure and accurate drug treatments are supplied to the general public.
  • Hospital Pharmacist: A hospital pharmacist dispenses medications and keeps the drugstore in a health center. Hospital Pharmacists are liable for coping with inventories and dispensing drug treatments in a clinic at the orders of a health practitioner.



The average salary for the candidates is INR 3LPA- INR 10LPA.

M. Pharma or D. Pharma could be pursued after B. Pharma.

The top recruiters of B. Pharma candidates are:

  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited
  • Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Biocon Ltd
  • Divis Laboratories Ltd
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited.

Minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN/OBC and 40% for SC/ST.


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